Tokio Hotel, Stockholm, September 8 – Part 3

Okay, so this is the second to last part of my report from Tokio Hotel’s visit to Stockholm yesterday…

The Central Station was my home away from home during the day. I went there to smarten myself up a little for the M&G. Then I finished writing my letter for Tokio Hotel, and ran away to meet the girls at the hotel a final time while waiting for 7 pm to come around. One girl asked me to give her birthday gift to Gustav, as we didn’t know if they would be coming out or not. Of course I agreed to do that!

Shortly after 7 pm I met Madde, Kenza and all the Meet & Greet winners. Maria, who won NRJ’s contest, had been standing outside the NRJ radio station when they called her in the morning, but she had been on the other side, by the doors. Today I got to know she’s called Chabelar in the fanclub – and I know who that is! It was really fun meeting you, Maria! (in case you’re reading this) It was also really fun to meet you, Saku – the only guy winning a spot in the group! I thought it was great that we weren’t just girls…

We met up with a guy from the record company, who brought us inside through the backdoor. We went up many floors in the elevator, I don’t know how many floors, but we were high up! We were standing in the corridor for a long time, waiting, maybe it was 20 minutes. People from the record company and the Tokio Hotel staff arranged things in the room we would meet the band in. There were some more people there, a foreign guy with a little boy (we got to know that it was Andy from Oasis – wow haha!) and a blonde girl with two small boys (a fan said outside “that was Magdalena Graaf’s son” – so I guess that was her being there with them, haha, my second “wow”! Embarrassing that I didn’t recognize any of them… Edit: Apparently it was Hannah Graaf and her boys, not Magdalena.)

While we were standing there, Bill’s new bodyguard came out into the corridor. He was with Bill at Dior in Paris. HE. IS.GIGANTIC!!! More than 2 metres tall. He almost had to bend his head by the elevators… He walked back and forth behind my back, it felt a little scary, haha!

Then we were finally let into the room. It was pretty small so we had to stand in a bent line to fit everyone. People from the record company were also there (it was nice meeting you!). I was standing almost at the end of the line, I liked that. But I had the lamp from the ceiling in front of my eyes almost the whole time…

We got to know the rules – we were allowed to take photos, the guys would go around and say hello to us all, but we weren’t allowed to hug or kiss them… At the end, everyone who wanted to would be given a chance to pose for a photo with the guys.

Then they finally entered the room! Aww, they looked great! First there was Tom, he still wore a shirt, like in the morning, with a black T-shirt under it. It felt weird to see him like that. I have to confess I was a bit worried he would have changed as a person as well… (I’ve always felt uncomfortable around guys with that new style he has now… *ashamed*) But as soon as he walked up to me, shook my hand and looked into my eyes, I was calm again. He’s the same old Tom he’s always been. Still the same wonderful eyes and smile in the corner of his mouth!

The others were also just like before. Bill had eyes that were even more wonderful than Tom’s, haha it’s almost inevitable to drown a little in them! Sure, I still don’t like his new style, but eyes cannot change… And not smiles or laughter either – oh how I love Bill’s laughter!

Georg smiled at me, as he’s always done when I’ve met him. Many people don’t think he’s good-looking, many even think he’s ugly – but I think most of those people have never seen him in reality. In reality he is so hot! Especially up close like this! I love his smile! Gustav was also nice, as always. It felt weird to see him wearing glasses, but it suits him. The black hair also suits the black glasses, it looks good!

To be continued…

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